have out

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have (something) out

To have something removed surgically, as due to medical necessity. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, you'll have to have them out sooner than later. Yeah, I had my tonsils out when I was seven.
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have it out (with someone)

To have an argument, verbal fight, or frank discussion (with someone), especially to settle something that has caused anger, frustration, or annoyance. I had to have it out with my roommate because he never does his share of cleaning in the house. Tom and his boyfriend are always having it out.
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have something out (with someone)

to settle a disagreement or a complaint. (Fixed order.) John has been mad at Mary for a week. He finally had it out with her today. I'm glad we are having this out today.
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have something out

to have something, such as a tooth, stone, tumor, removed surgically. (Fixed order.) You are going to have to have that tumor out. I don't want to have my tooth out!
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