have one's ass in a sling

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have (one's) ass in a sling

1. rude slang To severely punish or berate one for a wrongdoing. When the boss finds out I haven't handed in my budget yet, he'll have my ass in a sling.
2. rude slang To be sad, upset, or disappointed (possibly due to having been punished). A: "Why does Phil have his ass in a sling today?" B: "I think the boss wasn't thrilled that he handed in his budget late." I hope you don't have your ass in a sling because of the things I said to you—I was just joking!
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have one’s ass in a sling

tv. to be dejected or hurt; to be pouting; to be in trouble. (Usually objectionable. Have got can replace have.) She’s got her ass in a sling because she got stood up.
See also: ass, have, sling
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