have a/some nerve

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have a/some nerve

To do something bold, daring, or impudent. Wow, that intern has some nerve asking for a raise on her first day! You really have a nerve, asking Mom for money when you already know she's in a bad mood.
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have a nerve

Also, have some nerve. Have audacity, show effrontery. For example, You have a nerve telling me what to do, or She had some nerve, criticizing the people who donated their time. The related have the nerve is used with an infinitive, as in He had the nerve to scold his boss in public. This idiom uses nerve in the sense of "courage" or "audacity." [Late 1800s]
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have a ˈnerve

(informal) behave in a way that other people think is rude or not appropriate: She had a nerve, arriving half an hour late for the meeting.She borrowed my new bicycle without asking. What a nerve!
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"Maybe he thinks we have nerve to get here ahead of him," suggested Ned, smiling grimly.
Baggs, shaking her head and raising her eyes to heaven, "you will remember that I have nerves, and will not presume upon them."
Glia make up 90 percent of the cells in the brain, but they have traditionally drawn less interest than have nerve cells, or neurons, which relay electrical signals by releasing chemicals at synapses.
You have nerve endings sensitive to pain all over your body which normally sound an alarm to the brain when something is harming or about to harm your body.