have mixed feelings

have mixed feelings (about something)

To experience positive and negative emotions simultaneously and often in conflict with one another. I have mixed feelings about starting college this fall: on the one hand, I can't wait to start the next chapter in my education, but, on the other, I will be so sad leaving my friends and family behind. I think I'd be happy there, but there might be better schools for me, so I have mixed feelings.
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have ˌmixed ˈfeelings (about somebody/something)

have both positive and negative feelings (about somebody/something): I’ve got mixed feelings about leaving college — it’s great to finish my studies, but I’m rather worried about finding a job.They had mixed feelings about their new boss. She seemed very pleasant but not very organized.
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"It was the best game we have played at Hampden since I've been here and it was a massive step towards qualifying, but I have mixed feelings because we have some walking wounded and suspensions.
BTW, even though relatives might coo over the newborn, be aware that they, like you, might have mixed feelings. Why not talk about it together?
Many suicidal people have mixed feelings about dying and actually hope to be rescued.
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