have many, etc. irons in the fire

have many irons in the fire

To have several simultaneous activities or potential undertakings or opportunities. I have several irons in the fire at work right now and it's going to be tricky to balance all of them over the next few weeks. A: "How's the job search going?" B: "No interviews yet, but I have several irons in the fire."
See also: fire, have, iron, many

have many, etc. irons in the ˈfire

have many, etc. different plans, projects, etc. at the same time, often with the hope that at least one will be successful: She’s still got several irons in the fire: her television work, her film work and her writing.This idiom refers to blacksmiths (= people whose job it is to make and repair things made of iron), who have several pieces of iron in the fire at a time, so that there is always one piece that is hot enough to work with.
See also: fire, have, iron
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