have made

have something made

to hire someone to make something. Isn't it a lovely coat? I had to have it made because I couldn't find one I liked in a store. We had the cake made at the bakery. Our oven isn't big enough for a cake that size.
See also: have, made
References in classic literature ?
This is what is to be read, on the subject of his dramatic triumphs, in 1483, in the accounts of the "Ordinary:" "To Jehan Marchand and Pierre Gringoire, carpenter and composer, who have made and composed the mystery made at the Chãtelet of Paris, at the entry of Monsieur the Legate, and have ordered the personages, clothed and dressed the same, as in the said mystery was required; and likewise, for having made the scaffoldings thereto necessary; and for this deed,--one hundred livres.
Let me first establish my position as a friend,' thought I - 'the patron and playfellow of her son, the sober, solid, plain-dealing friend of herself, and then, when I have made myself fairly necessary to her comfort and enjoyment in life (as I believe I can), we'll see what next may be effected.
Brooke I make a further remark perhaps less warranted by precedent--namely, that if he had foreknown his speech, it might not have made any great difference.
Now Dubai-based comparison site YallaCompare has created a list based on which nationalities have made the least amount of motor insurance claims.
9 per cent of drivers from these countries have made a claim on their insurance policies in the past year, the report said.
LONDON Welsh have made Scarlets prop Peter Edwards and Wasps fly-half Will Robinson their latest signings as they target a rapid return to the English Premiership.
Far too many people have a hard time grasping the fact that taxes in this country aren't 100 percent of income and that one is always better off to have made the money--and pay the tax--than not having made the money in the first place.
high school students are sexually active and even higher proportions have made a recent preventive health visit, primary care providers do not use these opportunities to routinely discuss sexual and reproductive health.
Unlike the vast output and fame of his contemporary Titian, Savoldo seems to have made few works, and did not seek renown.
Consequently, tax practitioners can offer little assistance to families who have had loans go sour or who have made loan guarantees.
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