have it in for, to

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have it in for (someone)

To persistently try or desire to criticize, cause harm to, or harass someone, especially due to a grudge. This is the third time in a row my professor has given me an F on my paper. I think he has it in for me or something! John's had it in for her ever since she forced him to sell his shares in the business.
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have it in for someone

to be mad at someone; to wish to harm someone. Jane seems to have it in for Jerry. I don't know why. Max has it in for his old girlfriend since she broke up with him.
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have it in for

Intend to harm, especially because of a grudge. For example, Ever since he called the police about their dog, the neighbors have had it in for Tom . [Mid-1800s]
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have (got) it in for

have a particular dislike of someone and behave in a hostile manner towards them. informal
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have it in for, to

To hold a grudge against. The it in this expression presumably means bad things in store. The term became especially common in popular novels of the first half of the twentieth century. “I have had it in for that dog since the second Sunday,” wrote P. G. Wodehouse (Meet Mr. Mulliner, 1927).
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