have for

have (something) for

(a meal) to serve or eat something at a particular meal, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, etc. We had eggs for breakfast. What did you have for dinner?
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have something for someone

to have a gift for someone; to have something in reserve for someone. I have some cake for you in the kitchen if you want it. We have a present for you. Here. I hope you like it.
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have something for something

to have a remedy for a problem, disease, etc.; to possess something used for some purpose. I have somethingfor tight jar lids. It will open them immediately. I have some medicine for that disease.
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References in classic literature ?
What influence ill-treatment and profit have for this purpose, and how they may be the causes of sedition, is almost self-evident; for when the magistrates are haughty and endeavour to make greater profits than their office gives them, they not only occasion seditions amongst each other, but against the state also who gave them their power; and this their avarice has two objects, either private property or the property of the state.