have eye

have (one's) eye

1. To attract one's attention, often by making eye contact. It's OK, I have the waitress's eye now. Let me signal her to come over.
2. To attract one's interest, especially due to being visually appealing or attractive. That dress in the window had my eye immediately—can I try it on? I see that the new girl in school has your eye.
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have someone's eye

Fig. [for someone] to establish and hold eye contact with someone; to attract someone's attention. When Tom at last had her eye, he smiled at her. Once she had my eye, she began motioning toward the exit.
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Yishawu explained that the eyecare was not conceived because most of the people in the constituency have eye defects, saying that there are over half a million people in the area, but that they are attending to about 3,000 people.
He, however, pointed out that a lot of people have eye defects without knowing or seeking medical care.
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