have egg on face

have egg on (one's) face

To be suffering embarrassment as a result of some public failure or faux pas. I was so nervous that I said the wrong name during the wedding ceremony. Boy, do I have egg on my face now! The CEO really had egg on his face after he went on stage to demonstrate the new product and couldn't get it to work.
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have egg on one's face

Fig. to be embarrassed by something one has done. (As if one went out in public with a dirty face.) I was completely wrong, and now I have egg on my face. She's really got egg on her face!
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egg on one's face, to have/wipe off the

To have made a fool of oneself. An Americanism of the mid-twentieth century, this self-evident metaphor for having made a mess of oneself soon crossed the Atlantic. (John Ciardi, however, speculates it may derive from an entertainer’s being pelted with garbage, including raw eggs, by a dissatisfied audience.) The other version, to wipe the egg off one’s face, means the same thing, implying that one has made an embarrassing error (not that one is correcting it). See also lay an egg.
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