have (one's) doubts (about someone or something)

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have (one's) doubts (about someone or something)

To be wary or uncertain of someone or something. I know you really love this neighborhood, but I have my doubts. I do have my doubts about Brian—he just seems untrustworthy to me.
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have doubts about someone or something

to have questions or suspicions about someone or something. I have doubts about Alice and whether she can do it. We have no doubts about the usefulness of this project.
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have your ˈdoubts (about something)

have reasons why you are not certain about whether something is good or whether something good will happen: I’ve had my doubts about his work since he joined the company.It may be all right. Personally, I have my doubts.
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References in classic literature ?
"I have doubted, I doubt everything," said Levin in a voice that jarred on himself, and he ceased speaking.
"If you have doubts instead of going front in defending you make a step back.
I think there is a danger of getting caught up in the whole wedding thing and you get to the point where you may have doubts but you can't back out because everything is booked, planned and paid for.
Washington, September 14 ( ANI ): When women have doubts before their wedding, their misgivings are often a warning sign of trouble if they go ahead with the marriage, psychologists have warned.
A It's normal to have doubts about a career choice at any age.
That said, no one should marry if they have doubts. If you do, either cancel or postpone the wedding.