have (something) at (one's) fingertips

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have (something) at (one's) fingertips

1. To have something physically within one's reach or in one's hand. I always have a glass of water at my fingertips when I sleep, because I hate waking up thirsty.
2. To be able to easily or conveniently access, accomplish, or achieve something. With our new 24-hour phone service, you have quality customer care at your fingertips. Because the Internet is so easy to access these days, we have every resource imaginable at our fingertips!
See also: fingertip, have

have something at one's fingertips

 and have something at hand
Fig. to have something within (one's) easy reach. (Have can be replaced with keep.) I have a dictionary at my fingertips. I try to have everything I need at hand.
See also: fingertip, have

have something at your ˈfingertips

be so familiar with a subject that you can produce any facts about it easily and quickly: The director was well prepared for the interview. She had all the facts at her fingertips.
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The costs for these things have come down significantly and smaller brokers now have at their fingertips the same things.
Over the long term, I am confident that BIND will allow scientists to have at their fingertips a complete picture of the mechanisms that drive the molecules of biology," said Dr.