have a vested interest

have a vested interest (in something)

To have a personal stake in something, typically because one could potentially benefit from it. Of course I have a vested interest in how the board reacts to this proposal—if they like it, they might promote me!
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have a vested ˈinterest (in something)

have a personal reason for wanting something to happen, especially because you get some advantage from it: He has a vested interest in Mona leaving the firm (= perhaps because he may get her job).
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I personally believe that legally they should have had a referendum in which virtually no ordinary voter would have a vested interest.
If the A's aren't moving south, then he intends on holding the club in a sort of hostage while those that seem to have a vested interest in making a new ballpark in Oakland occur.
They have a vested interest (in terms of their annual performance evaluations, career advancement, and earnings potential) in showing their programs as proceeding on or ahead of schedule, within budget, and as meeting or exceeding performance objectives.
She reminds administrators that the "media are part of the community and have a vested interest in making the schools successful." Because of this, Kleinz advocates having a dedicated media relations person on staff, even if media relations is not the person's full job description.