have a stake in

have a stake in (something)

1. To be financially involved in a business or similar endeavor. I don't know why she's suddenly so interested in our company—it's not like she has a stake in it or anything.
2. To have a strong interest in something. Of course I have a stake in your welfare—I am your mother, after all!
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have a stake in something

Fig. to have something at risk in something; to have a financial or other interest in something. I have a stake in that company. I want it to make a profit. I don't have a stake in it, so I don't care.
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have a stake in

Have a share, interest, or involvement in something or someone. For example, Every member had a stake in the business, or She knew that she had a stake in her children's future. This term uses stake in the sense of "something to gain or lose," as in gambling. [Late 1700s]
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As investors in private retirement plans, each would have a stake in the success of the American economy.
Remaining shareholder(s) also have a stake in this process because failure to plan for this eventuality could lead to a situation in which the departing shareholder's stock winds up in disruptive or unfriendly hands.