have a point

(one) has a point (there)

One's point of view or opinion makes sense and is worth considering. A: "It's snowing—should we really go out for ice cream?" B: "Hmm, you have a point there." A: "Donna said we don't need to add that chart to the report, considering all of the others we have." B: "Yeah, she has a point."
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have a ˈpoint (there)

have made a good suggestion; have a good idea: He’s got a point there; if you sell the house now you’ll lose money, so why not wait till next year?Animal rights campaigners have a point when they say that a lot of animal testing is unnecessary.
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Here, Washington may have a point. A ball hit to left is tougher to score on than a ball hit to center or right: The throw from left to the third-base side of the plate is shorter.