have a hand in something

have a hand in (something)

1. To be involved or influential in the planning, creation, or execution of something. It's pretty clear from the film's style that the producer had a hand in how it was directed. I'd like to have a hand in planning the party, if that's all right.
2. To remain involved in something, often in a minor role or capacity. Joe insists on having a hand in the company, even though he has no real authority at this point.
3. To continue to do something in order to maintain a particular skill or ability. I still like having a hand in acting, even though my focus is on directing now.
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have a hand in something

COMMON If you have a hand in something, you are one of the people involved in doing it or creating it. The appointments yesterday included people who will have a hand in shaping policy. Peter is a very experienced yachtsman, and had a hand in the design himself. Note: If you take a hand in something, you become involved in doing it or creating it. Perhaps it is time for ministers to step in and take a hand in deciding what services the BBC should provide. Note: You can talk about the extent to which someone is involved by putting an adjective such as strong, big or small before hand. Browner had a strong hand in her selection.
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have/take a hand in something/in doing something

be involved in something, especially something bad, wrong, etc: We think all three of you had a hand in planning the robbery. So, come on, confess.I’m sure he had a hand in creating this problem.
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