have a go

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have a go (at someone or something)

1. To attempt to do or undertake something, especially that which is unfamiliar or new. I know a lot of this work is new to you, but just have a go and let me know if you have any questions. I'm having a go at doing my own taxes this year to save on the cost of hiring an accountant. I don't know if I can do it, but, sure, I'll have a go.
2. To physically attack someone. Watch out for that bull in the back field—he'll have a go at you if you get too close. There were a couple of drunkards having a go outside our local pub last night.
3. To criticize, berate, or verbally harass someone at length and/or with great intensity. My wife had a go at me last night for coming home drunk again. My parents were always having a go when I was a kid—it's no wonder they got divorced.
See also: go, have, someone

have a go

1 make an attempt; act resourcefully. 2 take independent or single-handed action against a criminal or criminals.
See also: go, have

have a ˈgo (at somebody)

(informal) attack, criticize (somebody): She had a go at me last night about crashing the car.He’s always having a go at me about my spelling.
See also: go, have

have a ˈgo (at something/at doing something)

(informal) attempt to do, win or achieve something: I’m sure I could do better than that. Let me have a go!I’ve got the time, so I’ll have a go at the decorating myself.
See also: go, have