have a gander

have a gander

To look at or review something. Here, have a gander at this report and tell me what you think.
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have a gander (at someone or something)

To glance or look at someone or something, especially in a quick, informal, or nonchalant manner. Hey, Barry, come have a gander at this engine and see if you can tell what's wrong with it. I had a gander, but nothing in the shop interested me. Wow, have a gander at that gorgeous guy at the bar!
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have/take a ˈgander (at something)

(informal) look at something: Come over here and have a gander at what I’ve got! This came from a comparison between the way a person walks when they want to look at something, often stretching their neck to get a better view, and a gander (= a male goose), which wanders about, stretching its neck to see things.
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