have a fling

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have a fling (with someone)

To have a brief, noncommittal sexual relationship (with someone). I had a few flings in college, but it was only after I graduated that I started having any serious relationships. The professor lost her job for having a fling with one of her students.
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have a ˈfling

1 enjoy yourself without worrying or thinking seriously about anything, especially when it is the last opportunity you will have: Before I started training, I had one last fling and went to Paris with a group of friends for the weekend.
2 have a short sexual relationship with somebody: ‘Do you know Sally Taylor?’ ‘Yes, I know her quite well in fact. We had a bit of a fling a few years ago.’
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References in classic literature ?
`If you go to work for the Cutters, you're likely to have a fling that you won't get up from in a hurry.'
AS many of us make our way abroad for our summer holidays, a new study has shown British women are more likely to leave their inhibitions at home and have a fling when they're overseas.
ONLY eight per cent of all women say they would have a fling at work but four per cent of married women say they would.