have (something) in hand

have (something) in hand

1. To have something in one's physical possession. He said he will make the delivery when he has the cash in hand. I have all of those things in hand, so we don't have to go to the store.
2. To have something under control. You need to have this situation in hand before Mom and Dad get home.
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have someone or something (well) in hand

Fig. to have someone or something under control. I have the child well in hand now. She won't cause you any more trouble. We have everything in hand. Don't worry.
See also: hand, have

have something in hand

1. Go to in hand.
2. Fig. to have something under control. I thought I had my destiny in hand, but then fate played a trick on me. Don't worry about me. I have everything in hand.
See also: hand, have
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