have (something) in common (with someone or something)

have (something) in common (with someone or something)

To share characteristics, interests, opinions, etc. with someone or something. Well, we have one thing in common: we both hate asparagus! The car has a lot in common with the more expensive model, but it does not have an advanced audio system.
See also: common, have, someone

have something in common (with someone or something)

[for groups of people or things] to resemble one another in specific ways. Bill and Bob both have red hair. They have that in common with each other. Bob and Mary have a lot in common. I can see why they like each other.
See also: common, have

have something in ˈcommon (with somebody/something)

have the same interests, characteristics or experience as somebody: Come and meet my sister. I’m sure you two have got a lot in common.I have nothing in common with Mark, so I find it quite difficult to talk to him.
See also: common, have, something
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