have (something) coming

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had it coming

Deserved it, often due to one's poor or foolish behavior. The phrase is used when one is unsympathetic to someone who has suffered a hardship. I'm not surprised to hear that Amy broke up with Jack—he was always so rude to her that he definitely he had it coming.
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have (something) coming

To deserve a particular consequence or benefit. A: "Why did you fight with that kid in the school yard?" B: "Because he's a bully to everyone else! He had it coming." You had this raise coming for a long time, with all the work you've done for our department.
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have something coming (to one)

to deserve punishment (for something). Bill broke a window, so he has a spanking coming to him. That's it, Bill. Now you've got it coming!
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have it coming

Deserve what one receives, as in You may not like being reprimanded, but you have to admit you had it coming, or When he won the Nobel Prize, everyone said he'd had it coming for a long time. [c. 1900]
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have (something) coming

To deserve what one receives: You had that reprimand coming for a very long time.
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