haul in

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haul someone in

Fig. to arrest someone; [for a police officer] to take someone to the police station. The cop hauled the drunk driver in. They hauled in the suspects.
See also: haul
References in classic literature ?
She began to haul in, hand under hand, rapidly and deftly, the boy encouraging her, until hooks, sinker, and a big gasping rockcod tumbled into the bottom of the boat.
Klopp admitted that his own side and Pep Guardiola's men spurred each other on in a recordbreaking points haul in last season's title race, but he can only control what happens at Anfield.
The smugglers are believed to have picked up the haul in Trinidad and Tobago.
A ONE-legged burglar was jailed for three years after a court heard he hid his haul in his false limb.