haul down

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haul (one) down to (some place)

To compel or force one to go to some location, especially in order to face an authority figure. Police hauled the suspect down to the station for questioning. The teacher hauled me down to the principal's office for throwing spit balls.
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haul down

To pull or yank down something that is positioned above the speaker. A noun or pronoun can be used between "haul" and "down." Good luck hauling down those boxes from that shelf—they weigh a ton. Who hauled the flag down?
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haul something down

to pull something down from a higher level. Terry hauled the sail down and put it away. Please haul down the mainsail.
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But it did save Cork from conceding a goal and, moments later, they were also happy to haul down Sligo's James Clarke just outside the square.
And in the juniors, former international Adam Scholes rejoins the line-up, alongside 2008 representatives Greig Thompson, Connor McCarthy, Scott Caven and Jamie Shaw, for the long haul down to Aberystwyth in July.
Meanwhile, Saltires kid Sean Weeraratna yesterday claimed his first five-wicket haul Down Under The Greenock pace man, in Brisbane for the winter, helped Valleys 2nd Grade side take control of their two-day clash with Souths.
United have lost five on the spin and Browne has failed to bring in any new faces as they make the long haul down to St.
Villa fans, having watched newsreels from Iraq, have decided that when this decades-old reign comes to an end they will storm the Doug Ellis Stand and the Doug Ellis boardroom, haul down every Doug Ellis statue and deliriously attack all images with the appropriate footwear.
They will join Ayr Aces on the long haul down to Dover in November.
Seven minutes from time Danny Tiatto appeared to haul down Grimsby's Kevin Donovan as he raced clear.