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This is not the first time that KourtneyA spoke out against haters talking smack about her lifestyle.
The image left a lot of room for both "Han fans" and "Han haters" to interpret the significance of the incident.
Yes, Akothee told her haters to call the police should they feel offended by her attire, her music and her lifestyle.True, Akothee may not be the conventional beautiful light-skinned woman with a sizeable derriere and a shiny, bouncy weave.
That's the critical subject of my new book Hug Your Haters.
I was up earlier than usual because I wanted to beat The Haters to work.
If Helen thinks I am an animal hater than please go to and follow the facebook link where you will see photographs of my Turkish Van tomcat.
And it sounds like a lot of money, but our friends and supporters rallied around for Hater, and we know we can do it again.
"Time cools the fire of hate, thus forcing the hater to look inward.
With the wittering styIe of his letter, Smoke Hater shows all the after-effects of having given up smoking.
I suggest Squirrel and Cat Hater gets over it and leaves nature to live its own life.
If you were a hater before, these half hours could turn you.
For example, when a coworker becomes a hate target for reasons other than race, sex, or national origin, the hater immediately seeks out others in the office who dislike, or can be persuaded to dislike, the hated coworker (Stage 1).
I enjoyed Kevin Chappell's "For Brothers Only" column, "Are You A Player Hater?" (July 2002).
As to your comment about diehard Clinton haters, I refer you to the definition of a Clinton hater given by Paul Greenberg of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which I paraphrase: A Clinton hater is one that caught on to the abuse and wrongdoings of the Clinton gang before you did.