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I loathe it because I hate watching my kids come last and seeing their disappointed little faces.
He hates having it done and I hate watching him going through it," said Lisa.
God, I hate watching it now, I can't stand it really" - Poldark star Aidan Turner (pictured left) is no fan of Strictly Come Dancing.
Daniel: I hate watching me JAMES Bond star Daniel Craig said he can't wait for fans to see the movie as he took to the red carpet at the world premiere of Spectre in London last night.
"I hate watching Internet videos, and I know infomercials are utter crap.
Everyone has said I come across really well, but I hate watching myself."
Countdown presenter Rachel, 28, is said to hate watching as the hunky Russian holds newly single Caroline, 35, in a dance-floor embrace.
"I hate watching. I think once I retire or get dropped I will have plenty of time to watch cricket, so until then I want to be out there playing.
GARDNER -- Although a minority, there are people in the world who hate watching golf.
United has had a poor season under Moyes' stewardship and Rooney said that there is a lot of anger and hurt inside their dressing room as they all hate watching United so far from the top.
Daltrey, 70, explained his new hobby to Radio 2's Chris Evans and admitted: "I hate watching TV because there's nothing on.
I hate watching anything on my computer or TV at home, because I enjoy the experience of the theater, but not everyone feels that way.
Steel said: "I hate watching and want to help the guys.
I hate watching matches because I can't relax and struggle to focus and concentrate.