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be in great haste

To be in a rush or hurry. If you weren't in such great haste all the time, you'd be much less forgetful! The government has been in great haste to pass a stimulus package for businesses affected by the disaster.
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great haste makes great waste

proverb Rushing through a task often creates problems or extra work. Great haste makes great waste, so please double-check your measurements before cutting the fabric. The more you rush through these calculations, the more likely you are to make a ton of mistakes. Great haste makes great waste, after all.
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haste makes waste

proverb Rushing through a task often creates problems or extra work. Haste makes waste, so please double-check your measurements before cutting the fabric.
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in great haste

Very quickly. Judging by how those kids ran from the party in great haste, they must have heard the police sirens approaching. Don't make a big decision like this in great haste, or you'll regret it later.
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make haste

To move, speak, or act quickly, especially when one was being too slow before. Often said as a command. We'll need to make haste if we're going to catch that train! Make haste, Jonathan, I need that report ASAP!
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make haste slowly

To act with due diligence, focus, and attention to detail in order to avoid mistakes and finish a task more expeditiously overall. I know we're all eager to get the new software released to the public, but we must make haste slowly. We don't want to end up wasting time fixing bugs that shouldn't be there in the first place.
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marry in haste, repent at leisure

proverb If you marry someone without being certain that you should, you will regret it for a long time. She's only known him for three months! You know what they say—marry in haste, repent at leisure.
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more haste, less speed

proverb Acting too quickly and without due diligence, focus, and attention to detail will result in avoidable mistakes and thus require even more time to complete the task satisfactorily. (The logic of the phrase is essentially "too much haste results in less overall speed.") I know we're all eager to get the new software released to the public, but remember: more haste, less speed. We don't want to end up wasting time fixing bugs that could have been avoided.
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As quickly or promptly as possible. I need to get this application in the mail posthaste, or else my work permit is going to expire! Please report to your supervisor posthaste.
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Haste makes waste.

Prov. You do not save any time by working too fast; hurrying will cause you to make mistakes, and you will have to take extra time to do the job over again. Fred: Hurry up and get my car fixed. Alan: Don't rush me. Haste makes waste.
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in great haste

very fast; in a big hurry. John always did his homework in great haste. Why not take time and do it right? Don't do everything in great haste.
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Make haste slowly,

 and More haste, less speed.
Prov. Act quickly, but not so quickly that you make careless mistakes. Jane: Why are you throwing your clothes around the room? Alan: You told me to get my things packed in a hurry. Jane: Yes, but make haste slowly; otherwise we'll have to spend an hour cleaning up the mess you make. I know you want to finish that sweater by Joe's birthday, but you're knitting so fast that you make mistakes. More haste, less speed.
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Marry in haste, (and) repent at leisure.

Prov. If you marry someone you do not know well, or decide to marry someone without first carefully considering what you are doing, you will probably regret it for a long time. Sally wanted some time to consider Sam's proposal of marriage; she had heard the saying, "Marry in haste, and repent at leisure."
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haste makes waste

Proceeding too quickly can spoil an enterprise, as in Stop trying to rush through three things at once-haste makes waste, you know. This rhyming warning, first recorded in this exact form in 1575, was in John Ray's 1678 proverb collection, where the full text was: "Haste makes waste, and waste makes want, and want makes strife between the goodman and his wife."
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make haste

Also, make it snappy. Hurry up, move or act quickly, as in If you don't make haste we'll be late, or Make it snappy, kids. The first expression was first recorded in Miles Coverdale's 1535 translation of the Bible (Psalms 39:13): "Make haste, O Lord, to help me." The variant dates from the early 1900s and uses snappy in the sense of "resembling a sudden jerk." The oxymoron make haste slowly, dating from the mid-1700s, is a translation of the Latin festina lente. It is used either ironically, to slow someone down (as in You'll do better if you make haste slowly), or to comment sarcastically on a lack of progress (as in So far the committee has been making haste slowly).
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more haste, less speed

you make better progress with a task if you don't try to do it too quickly. proverb
The primary meaning of ‘speed’ in this proverbial saying was ‘success in the performance of an activity’, rather than ‘rapidity of movement’, though it is the latter that is now generally assumed to be meant.
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ˌmore ˈhaste, ˌless ˈspeed

(British English, saying) if you try to do something quickly, you are more likely to make mistakes and so take a longer time than necessary: I had to send the email twice because I forgot to add the attachment. More haste, less speed!
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marry in ˈhaste (, repent at ˈleisure)

(saying) people who marry quickly, without really getting to know each other, will discover later that they have made a mistake
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(literary) with great speed: I shall send the invitations off post-haste.This comes from the old phrase haste, post, haste, which was written on letters to tell the post (= the person taking the letters) to ride quickly to deliver them.
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make haste

To move or act swiftly; hurry.
See also: haste, make
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post haste

As quickly as possible. According to Ebenezer Brewer, in sixteenth-century England postal messengers galloping into an inn yard would cry “Post haste!” which gave them priority in selecting the horses available for their journey. Hall’s Chronicles of ca. 1548 stated, “The Duke of Somerset, with John, erle of Oxenford, wer in all post haste flying toward Scotlande.” Shakespeare used the expression in numerous plays, and despite its archaic sound and the dubious speed of present-day postal service, it remains current on both sides of the Atlantic. It is also written as one word, posthaste.
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