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hassle someone about something

 and hassle someone with something
to harass someone about something. Come on! Don't hassle me about the deadline! Stop hassling me with all the little details.
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Pioneering the business model in Europe back in 2012, UK-based Hassle.
Consequently, environments which present few daily hassles for individuals are likely to be perceived as less stressful.
However, occasionally, the same hassle was placed into two or three subcategories of the same major category or into a subcategory of another major category because of the nature of the hassle and its impact.
A turquoise kite taut and soaring 100 feet above him, Hassle skims the surface of the waves until he's a spot on the horizon, then swoops around and leaps-doing one, two, three full flips until he gracefully descends on the tip of a foamy whitecap like an airborne figure skater.
According to the report, the top five hassle complaints in Texas during 2000 were individual payment delays, claim denials, numerous phone calls, prolonged telephone hold times, and an insurer pattern of late payment.
TMA uses its hassle data in discussions with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Texas' Medicare carrier TrailBlazer Health Enterprises in Dallas, insurance plans, and legislators.
TMA's Web site provides a template that allows one to choose from a list of hassles and to report the source of the hassle: Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, or others.
Granted, packing for a holiday is hassle; a long delay at the airport (especially with children in tow) is hassle and arriving at the resort to find your hotel is not quite finished is a very big hassle.
Gert Wingdardh has been working at Astra Hassle for several years, bringing a scattered group of laboratory and research buildings together into a unified complex.
One of those is "Hassle Busters of the Month", which recognizes an individual who has eliminated a hassle for others in the company or, in some way, improved the workplace.
There is no point in dragging up the subject as neither of us needs the hassle of divorce.
Before the pilot study participants estimated a hassle rate of 10% and thought that interference with quality of care and the doctor-patient relationship was infrequent," the study says.