hasn't been easy

(It) hasn't been easy.

 and Things haven't been easy.
Things have been difficult, but I have gotten through. Bill: I'm so sorry about all your troubles. I hope things are all right now. Bob: It hasn't been easy, but things are okay now. John: How are you getting on after your dog died? Bill: Things haven't been easy.
See also: been, easy
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His early impressions of Okore are positive and he said: "Jores Okore has the spirit of a warrior, it hasn't been easy for him since the cup final because he has had some problems with his knees and that is never easy.
Of course it's my responsibility and it hasn't been easy, that's for sure.
It hasn't been easy for me to come out and although my sister is supportive there is no way I could tell my father.
It hasn't been easy at all times, but it has been very effective.
Mehaffey, 29, thinks that line may have helped him land a spot on the show, but being an out gay man on the audition circuit hasn't been easy for him.
At the same time, they say, it hasn't been easy building credibility as businessmen independent of their athletic fame.
Agassi said: "It hasn't been easy, but in many ways it has got the family stronger and closer.
Martinson says it hasn't been easy for Weaver to take on a case like this in a small town.
Even trying to get it all down on paper for this article hasn't been easy.