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hash slinger

A cook or a waitress, especially at a diner or cheap restaurant. ("Hash," in this sense, refers to a dish or stew of chopped meat and vegetables, not hashish.) Primarily heard in US. I worked as a hash slinger for several years to pay my way through college.
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hash out

To talk about something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hash" and "out." I'm calling mom right now to hash out the details for Thanksgiving dinner.
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make a hash of (something)

To ruin, bungle, or spoil something. I really made a hash of that project at work—I'm going to get fired for sure! I'm afraid the accounting department made a complete hash of these numbers. We'll need to re-tally the entire ledger.
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hash (something) over (with someone)

Fig. to discuss something with someone. I need to hash this matter over with you. I've hashed over this business enough.
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hash something up

1. to chop something up. Now, hash the onion and garlic up and put it in the skillet. Now, hash up the beef and brown it.
2. to mess something up. Somebody hashed my manuscript up! Somebody hashed up my manuscript!
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settle someone's hash

Sl. to calm someone down, perhaps by threats or by violence. If he comes in here, I'll settle his hash. Now, that ought to settle your hash.
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hash over

Also, hash out. Discuss carefully, review, as in Let's hash over these plans again, or The department was hashing out the new syllabus. This idiom uses the verb hash in the sense of "cut into small pieces," a usage dating from the mid-1700s.
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make a hash of

Also, make a mess of. Ruin or spoil something, as in They've made a hash of their financial affairs, or She thought he'd make a mess of the garden. The first term, first recorded in 1833, uses hash in the sense of "a jumble of mangled fragments"; the variant, using mess in the sense of "a muddle" or "a state of confusion," was first recorded in 1862.
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settle someone's hash

Subdue or get rid of someone, deal with a troublemaker, as in If John starts another argument we know just how to settle his hash. This term, dating from about 1800, uses hash in the sense of "a mess."
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sling hash

Serve food in a restaurant, especially a cheap establishment. For example, The only job she could find was slinging hash in the neighborhood diner. This term alludes to the inelegant presentation and nature of the food, in effect, tossing hash before a customer. [Slang; mid-1800s]
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make a hash of something

If you make a hash of a job or task, you do it very badly. The Government made a total hash of things and wasted a small fortune. She fumbled with the trolley and made a hash of stacking the food trays.
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make a hash of

make a mess of; bungle. informal
Hash comes from the French verb hacher meaning ‘chop up small’. A hash is a dish of cooked meat cut into small pieces and recooked with gravy; from this comes the derogatory sense of hash meaning ‘a jumble of incongruous elements; a mess’.
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settle someone's hash

deal with and subdue a person very forcefully. informal
See also: hash, settle

sling hash (or plates)

serve food in a cafe or diner. North American informal
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make a ˈmess/ˈhash of something/of doing something

(informal) do something very badly: We tried making some wine, but we made a mess of it (= it did not taste good).I made a complete hash of the whole exam.
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flash the hash

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. Dave left quickly to go out and flash the hash, I think.
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n. hashish; cannabis in general. (Drugs.) The amount of hash that moves into this city in a single day would astound you.

hash cannon

n. a device used in the smoking of cannabis. (see also shotgun.) Don had a hash cannon in his office as a sample of a device for smoking pot.
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hash pipe

n. a small pipe for smoking cannabis. (Drugs.) John kept a hash pipe on the shelf just for show.
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n. a smoker of cannabis. (Drugs.) You can’t stay a hash-head all your life.


1. n. a cheap diner. (Where hash might be on the menu.) Tom worked for two days as a hash-slinger in a hash-house.
2. n. a place where hashish is sold and used. (Drugs.) This hash-house is due for a raid. Let’s hit it.


n. a cook, waiter, or waitress in a hash-house. I worked as a hash-slinger in an all-night diner.

heavy hash

n. potent cannabis. (Drugs.) This is heavy hash, and it will cost you.
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settle someone’s hash

tv. to calm someone down, perhaps by threats or by violence. If he comes in here, I’ll settle his hash.
See also: hash, settle

settle (someone's) hash

To silence or subdue.
See also: hash, settle
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On the other hand, the time needed to catalogue multiple records hashed to a single table bucket (by collision handling) increases at least linearly with the number catalogued there, so it happens that collision resolution time, averaged over all buckets, is minimized by choosing a hash function that is most uniform in its distribution over bucket addresses.
This n-gram counting is most efficiently implemented by a hash table: each n-gram is directly taken as a key, is hashed to a table address, and (after possible collision resolution) an accumulator at that address is advanced.
A common cause of nonuniformity in hashed values can be traced to a bias in the frequency of keys that are regularly spaced, that is, by keys separated by multiples of some value in the ring.
The first n-gram is hashed directly; the remainder are recursively hashed.
When the 26,662 dictionary entries are hashed into 256 bins, the resulting distribution is still not significantly different from uniform (X[.
3) Very little arithmetic is performed on each character being hashed.
Hashed was injured in his head and some other parts of his body.
It uses a tweakable block cipher in Matyas-Meyer-Oseas mode to form a compression function, and uses the bit offset of the block being hashed as the tweak [9].
According to Hashed, the speaker of the parliament refused two requests presented by him on Monday, one of which is interrogating the deputy -prime minister for Security and Defense affairs, Rashad Al-Alimi and the Minister of Interior, Muttahar Rashad Al-Masri.
Being a member of the Public Freedom Committee, Hashed felt injustice when his request was disapproved by the speaker.
You do not have the right to interrogate them," the speaker replied to Hashed.
Hashed demanded to interrogate the two ministers as they are responsible to arrest the killers of three people killed in Al-Habelain, Lahj governorate on 9th July 2009.