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reap a/the harvest of (something)

To experience the consequences of some previous action or past event. You have three papers due on Monday? It sounds like you're reaping the harvest of your procrastination. Our students are unprepared for the workforce, and we are reaping a harvest of lowered standards.
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reap the harvest

1. If someone reaps the harvest of past actions, they benefit as a result of those actions. Note: To reap a crop such as corn means to cut and gather it. He's a player at the top of his game, reaping the harvest of his own hard work. In subsequent years he would reap the harvest of his excellent training..
2. If someone reaps the harvest, they suffer now because of mistakes that they made in the past. Note: To reap a crop such as corn means to cut and gather it. We are now as a nation reaping the harvest of the lack of attention to basics in language and numbers.
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reap the harvest (or fruits) of

suffer the results or consequences of.
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reap a/the ˈharvest

(British English) benefit or suffer as a direct result of something that you have done: His attacking policies have reaped a particularly good harvest overseas, where he is well known as a shrewd businessman.
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The committee shall ensure that sand harvesting activities are compliant with the law.
In other districts, the barley harvesting is also taking place in accordance with the schedule.
He said that he would complete the harvesting and threshing of the wheat cropwithin next 10 to 12 days.
Energy harvesting's slow take-off has been due to a confluence of several factors; however, recent changes have been made and the commercial realization of the Internet of Things (IoT) products is accelerating the development of MCUs, sensors, RF, analogs and other components for low-power electronics.
To value the rate of loss to the mechanical harvest by comparing it to the manual harvesting
Key words: Ascorbic acid, Citrus, Harvesting Date, pH, Sugars, storage, TSS, TSS/ Acid ratio.
To develop a roadmap for fully automated mechanical harvesting systems that would be practical for harvesting fresh market fruit, a joint task force consisting of an industry advisory group and a technology development group from Washington State University has specified that an ideal solution should be capable of harvesting more than 95% of the fruit with less than 5% harvest-induced cullage in SNAP (Simple, Narrow, Accessible, and Productive) fruiting wall orchard systems, using less than 20% of the current level of human labor.
For the cow-calf pair harvest strategy we assumed a 50% chance of harvesting a female versus a male calf based on sex parity in the calf cohort (Harris et al.
He said rice harvesting has been his source of food and money, allowing him to take home as many as 15 cavans of palay as his fee.
However, there is a slightly better forecast for the week ahead after the unsettled weather in the northern areas which has limited harvesting to around two to three hours a day.
Although these data represent only a single harvesting year, the baseline information that has now been identified will contribute to the establishment of Inuit domestic harvest levels, thereby recognizing the legitimate harvesting needs of Inuit households, while helping to ensure the conservation of migratory bird populations into the future.
What set me off to revisit the use of the word "harvest" again is the booklet sent to the transplant community by the Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH), who describe themselves as "an organization founded by medical doctors to voluntarily serve the medical community, as well as society."
The most widely performed method of retrieving the saphenous vein to use as a bypass graft, endoscopic vein harvesting, may not be the safest, according to a recent study published in the July 16, 2009 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).
Spiked cereals have been harvested from 410.2 thousand hectares, which is 77.6%, Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Processing Industry Iskenderbek Aidaraliev said during the working meeting on cereals harvesting in the Government House on Monday.The cereals crop yield is 29.1 centners from a hectare, which is 8 centner growth compared with the last year.