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reap a/the harvest of (something)

To experience the consequences of some previous action or past event. You have three papers due on Monday? It sounds like you're reaping the harvest of your procrastination. Our students are unprepared for the workforce, and we are reaping a harvest of lowered standards.
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reap the harvest

1. If someone reaps the harvest of past actions, they benefit as a result of those actions. Note: To reap a crop such as corn means to cut and gather it. He's a player at the top of his game, reaping the harvest of his own hard work. In subsequent years he would reap the harvest of his excellent training..
2. If someone reaps the harvest, they suffer now because of mistakes that they made in the past. Note: To reap a crop such as corn means to cut and gather it. We are now as a nation reaping the harvest of the lack of attention to basics in language and numbers.
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reap the harvest (or fruits) of

suffer the results or consequences of.
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reap a/the ˈharvest

(British English) benefit or suffer as a direct result of something that you have done: His attacking policies have reaped a particularly good harvest overseas, where he is well known as a shrewd businessman.
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It is, therefore, required that the sweet orange fruit is harvested with maximum quality attributes and storage life (Pekmezci et al., 1995).
The proportion of the calf population harvested was 23 and 20% for the 5 and 8 year harvests, respectively.
Spring accounted for 19% (1039/5468 birds), and the remaining 6% (328/5468) of birds were harvested opportunistically in other seasons.
Harvesting costs also increased as more trees were harvested and as larger trees were harvested.
Within 10 days, however, some of the later-planted corn will start to be harvested and we'll get the first indication of how far-from-ideal planting conditions might impact 2007 yields.
"This involves many assumptions about how crops are grown, harvested, and converted, but also what resource use is avoided." This, he says, is why these sorts of measures are often contentious.
The UIUC project aggregated metadata relating to cultural heritage resources, including finding aids (Shreeves, Kaczmarek, & Cole, 2003), and the OAIster project harvested all possible repositories but kept only those records that pointed to actual digital objects (Hagedorn, 2003).
We also recently documented that, under unheated greenhouse conditions, alfalfa regrowth potential was reduced by a third harvest in the fall, taken at 400 or 500 GDD, as compared with plants harvested only twice in the summer (Dhont et al., 2002).
Approximately ten million hectares, involving different ecological regions are now included in the program, although not all areas are actually harvested. This study compares harvested and non-harvested populations within the same ecological regions.
They then stay in these runways for two to three years before they are harvested. We use a bull rake to harvest.
"The olives can be harvested below the road but not above because of the security risk to the settlement." The picking continued.
During the first season, hunters harvested 62,432 deer, compared to 73,359 whitetails in 2000.
Someone harvested, processed, and formed the wood needed to create those items.