harmonize with

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harmonize with someone or something

to blend with someone or something musically. Please try to harmonize with the rest of the singers! Will you harmonize with the piano, please?
References in classic literature ?
If civilization is to spread itself, and production is to be increased, the people must be made to understand the way in which the interests of the individual harmonize with national interests which resolve themselves into facts, interests, and principles.
My modest round of duties at Windygates, Lord Holchester; occasionally relieved, when my mind is overworked, by the society of a few earnest friends whose views harmonize with my own--my existence passes (not quite uselessly, I hope) in that way.
Seen from a distance across the fields and fruit trees, its pitched roofs and white walls harmonize with the traditional rural buildings.
Simple pitched roofs and white walls harmonize with traditional agricultural buildings.
If there's any better way to cap a celebration of American music than getting your own chance to harmonize with Dr.