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harmonize with (someone or something)

To perform a song's harmony notes as someone else provides the melody. And then the sopranos will harmonize with the rest of the choir, OK?
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harmonize with someone or something

to blend with someone or something musically. Please try to harmonize with the rest of the singers! Will you harmonize with the piano, please?
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Harmonize said the song was a way of appreciating the President for the good work he has done for Tanzania.
He offered to form committee to identify interested areas of both side to harmonize standards on home appliances should be work together in future for the area of standardization and certification.
He offer to form Committee to identify interested areas of both side to Harmonize Standards should be work together in future for the area of Standardization and certification.
After a long and a competitive tournament, Harmonize Academy were crowned champions, pipping runners-up Newfield by a point.
By 2023 it is planned to harmonize the procedures of supervision and control in the financial market.
Earlier this year, the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario announced their intent to harmonize these two taxes effective July 1, 2010.
In an effort to harmonize microbiological test methods between the major compendia, the United States (USP), European (EP) and Japanese (JP) Pharmacopoeias have agreed on new methods for microbial enumeration tests and tests for specified microorganisms.
Published statements by the federal government in response to the study deny there are any plans to harmonize the chemical regulatory process with the U.S.
The announcement results from the European Commission's decision to harmonize the summary of product characteristics (SPC) for Prograf across all EU member countries.
When designing a workplace, the company should aim to theme the experience, harmonize impressions with positive cues, eliminate negative cues, and mix in memorabilia.
The commission "establishes guidelines to harmonize trade in food," explains one European account of the recent decision.
Finnish stock exchange Helsinki Exchanges (HEX), operated by the Finnish-Swedish stock exchange operator and transaction technology provider OMHEX AB, said on Friday (26 March) that it would harmonize its trading hours with the Swedish stock exchange Stockholmsborsen, also operated by OMHEX.
In sum, changing patterns of trade and of exchange rate and monetary policy have converged to harmonize business cycles across the world, but the United States seems to affect other countries' business cycles more than they affect ours.
Seen from a distance across the fields and fruit trees, its pitched roofs and white walls harmonize with the traditional rural buildings.
In this issue of New Life Journal, you'll discover your dosha, deepen your life with Sadhana practice and meditation, give your partner a Thai massage, harmonize your diet, and discover the benefits of panchakarma.