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harmonize with someone or something

to blend with someone or something musically. Please try to harmonize with the rest of the singers! Will you harmonize with the piano, please?
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Through this strategic connection, she explained PHILJA is expected to influence LEB policies to harmonize both institutions' efforts.
To compensate, the government plans to harmonize capital income tax rates on dollar deposits and investment, dividends, equity and fixed income rates toward 10 percent, while also increasing the tax on stocks traded in the stock market to 1 percent of gross selling price from 0.
He said we are targeted in steel, environment, and other standards work together and to harmonize, International standardization can be a powerful tool for strengthening accessibility in all these areas by setting the same standards around the world for accessible products, devices, services, environments and facilities.
After a long and a competitive tournament, Harmonize Academy were crowned champions, pipping runners-up Newfield by a point.
By 2023 it is planned to harmonize the procedures of supervision and control in the financial market.
The commission "establishes guidelines to harmonize trade in food," explains one European account of the recent decision.
Finnish stock exchange Helsinki Exchanges (HEX), operated by the Finnish-Swedish stock exchange operator and transaction technology provider OMHEX AB, said on Friday (26 March) that it would harmonize its trading hours with the Swedish stock exchange Stockholmsborsen, also operated by OMHEX.
In sum, changing patterns of trade and of exchange rate and monetary policy have converged to harmonize business cycles across the world, but the United States seems to affect other countries' business cycles more than they affect ours.
Seen from a distance across the fields and fruit trees, its pitched roofs and white walls harmonize with the traditional rural buildings.
In this issue of New Life Journal, you'll discover your dosha, deepen your life with Sadhana practice and meditation, give your partner a Thai massage, harmonize your diet, and discover the benefits of panchakarma.
The ASTM Committee on Rubber (D11) has truly tested the waters, making changes to harmonize many of the extant standards with current ISO standards.
6-7 in New York, with over 500 attending, was kicked off with the announcement of FEI's name change and new logo -- fitting changes at a meeting that echoed with news and comments about international accounting standards and attempts to harmonize global financial reporting.
The European Commission abandoned attempts to harmonize the rules on fortification in 1992, calling on EU states to apply the principle of mutual recognition: that if a product is declared safe in one state it can be sold in all the others.
Taylor concentrates on the period after 1762, when a largely conscripted army replaced a technically voluntary one, creating what he characterizes as a putting-out system based on indentured labor run for the benefit of English capitalism by a German princely entrepreneur The Cameralist state was supposed to harmonize the different functions of the productive households composing it while each Hausvater harmonized the interests of the individuals within his household, thus generating household and State income without disturbing the pre-established Leibnizian social harmony.
Disaggregated disclosures are one of the challenges standard setters face in their efforts to harmonize international accounting standards.