hark(en) back to (something)

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hark(en) back to (something)

1. To cause one to think of or recall something. (The spelling "harken" is actually a variant of the archaic word "hearken," which originally meant "to listen" but is more commonly used in place of "hark" in this idiomatic phrase.) That song harkens back to an earlier time in my life.
2. To have originated or begun as something. You know, our modern cell phones hark back to those old rotary phones you like to make fun of.
3. To revisit or recall something mentioned earlier. Before we get too upset, let's all harken back to the real reason we're here today.
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hark(en) back to something

1. to have originated as something; to have started out as something. (Harken is an older word meaning "pay heed to.") The word icebox harks back to refrigerators that were cooled by ice. Our modern breakfast cereals hark back to the porridge and gruel of our ancestors.
2. to remind one of something. Seeing a horse and buggy in the park harks back to the time when horses drew milk wagons. Sally says it harkens back to the time when everything was delivered by horse-drawn wagons.
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hark back

Return to a previous point, as in Let us hark back briefly to my first statement. This expression originally alluded to hounds retracing their course when they have lost their quarry's scent. It may be dying out. [First half of 1800s]
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"Our guests are travellers who desire not just a unique travel experience, but one that enhances the ambiance of the destinations," Minor Hotels CEO Dillip Rajakarier explains, "Mekong Kingdoms cruises harken back to the days when the journey is savoured as much as the destination."
If time could melt away the 1960s automobiles and the modern streetlights -- as well as the 1965 storefronts -- some elements of this building harken back to an earlier, more stately time.
"It will harken back to times when simple things - like the smell of fish 'n' chips or a bucket and spade - made all the difference to a child," says Len.
Tensions in the Ukraine harken back to the dark days of U.S.-Russia relations, when Soviet tanks poured into Czechoslovakia in 1968.
harken back to when lobster was still a poor fisherman's food.
Weighing in at a massive 23 tons, the nine new bells harken back to Notre Dame's original chimes, which were destroyed during the French Revolution.
But today, the airline is going for a different look: long dresses and fez caps that harken back to the days of the Ottoman Empire, which ended in 1922.
While there have been multiple variants of the car, it has the sort of iconic shape, profile, stance, and presence that make all the versions harken back to the original, which is in the case of this vehicle a good thing.
Perhaps we should harken back to the time of the sandwich course when engineers with five-year apprenticeships attended three evenings per week at technical colleges, receiving academic qualifications along with their working day and attaining corporate membership of the institutions.
They harken back to punk's glory days although some of those old troopers would be aghast at the melodic guitar power the Subways use to try to drive themselves overground.
That's the name of a Facebook group that eponymously asks folks to harken back to their memories of the Little Rock of their youths.
However, the Biblical allusions in the plot include the usual references to Kosher meals and the like, and harken back to Genesis.
Not only do the pouty-lipped models on their retro-looking site harken back to the era, but the organic tees feature images of women swinging, running and catching that are both inspiring, and a little sexy.
Some new dinnerware patterns offer a more contemporary take on this timeless theme, while others harken back to a more traditional, feminine aesthetic.
Holed up in a remote studio in Woodstock, New York, Maclean and Whang collaborated on lyrics in an attempt to make sincere songs about relationships that harken back to '80s synth pop.