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harden (one's) heart

To stop or cause one to stop feeling kindness and compassion. I worry that all the trauma she's already been through at such a young age will harden her heart.
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harden (one's) heart against (someone or something)

To stop or keep someone from feeling kindness and compassion towards someone or something. I worry that all the trauma she's already been through at such a young age will harden her heart against other people.
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harden oneself to something

Fig. to make oneself capable of bearing something unpleasant. You will have to learn to harden yourself to tragedies like this. They happen every day in a hospital. She had learned to harden herself to the kinds of poverty she had to work in.
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harden something off

to accustom a young plant to normal weather so it can be moved from a protected environment to the out-of-doors. We put the plants by the open window to harden them off. We hardened off the plants.
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harden something up

to make something hard or strong. Put the meat in the freezer awhile to harden it up before you try to slice it thin. Harden up the ice cream a little in the freezer.
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harden one's heart

Feel no sympathy for, as in We can't afford to give them more; we'll just have to harden our hearts when they ask . [Late 1300s]
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steel one's heart against

Also, harden one's heart. Suppress one's feelings for, as in He finally steeled his heart against them and refused the loan, or You'll just have to harden your heart and tell them the truth. This metaphoric idiom transfers making something hard to rendering oneself insensible or unfeeling. Versions of it date from the late 1500s. Also see heart of stone.
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harden your heart

If you harden your heart, you force yourself not to feel love or sympathy for someone or something. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. The weeping continued. Lionel hardened his heart against the sound. The government's violent response to the mass action will only harden the people's hearts against the ruling party. Note: You can also say that your heart hardens. Anna saw the hurt in her father's eyes and her heart hardened.
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ˌharden your ˈheart against somebody/something

no longer be emotionally affected by somebody/something because you feel angry, bitter, etc., towards them/it: Doctors have to harden their hearts against the suffering they see every day.
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This method is only applicable to crankshafts where the bearing and filletare hardened at the same time, as heat will flow away from the fillet area too quickly if they are not.
The inclusion of hardened floating-point DSP blocks enable customers to use Altera FPGAs to address the world s most complex HPC problems in big data analytics, seismic modeling for oil and gas industries and financial simulations.
The samples that had been partly hardened by service in the field were largely restored to the rubbery characteristics of the original product.
With this hardened version of the Diamond 108Mini, we can quickly and predictably create SOC products for our customers," stated Jim Lai, president and COO of Global Unichip Corp.
The new PortServer TS HCC MEI meets all of our project requirements for hardened equipment, network management and the number of programmable ports available.
In addition to the OmniReach Hardened Connectors and Drop Cables, the RDUP has previously accepted OmniReach Fiber Access Terminals (FATs) and Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs), as well as OmniReach Multi-Port Service Terminals (MSTs).
For reinsurance companies, pricing has hardened in the catastrophe-prone areas, but not so much outside of these areas.
The Walker order consists of OmniReach(TM) ACE Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs), Multi-Port Service Terminals (MSTs), hardened connectors and drop cables, and FDH 3000 mini plug-and-play splitter modules.
With Alloptic's environmentally hardened equipment, we have the flexibility to deliver services wherever they are required.
Hardened for Outdoor Environments, A-2160 Reduces Operations Costs and Time-to-Market for Wireless Backhaul, FTTH, FTTC and FTTB Access Network Applications
com), a leading supplier of infrastructure solutions for fiber-to-the-x (FTTX) networks, today announced new OmniReach(TM) Hardened Connectors and Drop Cables, designed to provide a reliable interface for fiber drop cables in the outside plant (OSP) environment.
In addition, Tensilica announced that E L & Associates will develop the hardened versions of the Diamond Standard processor cores for the SMIC foundry.
today announced a comprehensive partnership in which GUC will create hardened versions of Tensilica's new Diamond Standard Series processors for TSMC foundry at technologies below 0.