harden (one's) heart

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harden (one's) heart

To stop or cause one to stop feeling kindness and compassion. I worry that all the trauma she's already been through at such a young age will harden her heart.
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harden one's heart

Feel no sympathy for, as in We can't afford to give them more; we'll just have to harden our hearts when they ask . [Late 1300s]
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harden your heart

If you harden your heart, you force yourself not to feel love or sympathy for someone or something. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. The weeping continued. Lionel hardened his heart against the sound. The government's violent response to the mass action will only harden the people's hearts against the ruling party. Note: You can also say that your heart hardens. Anna saw the hurt in her father's eyes and her heart hardened.
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* "Why, O Lord, do You make us wander from Your ways and harden our hearts so we do not revere You?" (Isaiah 63:17) In behalf of the Israelites who were disobeying God, Isaiah was asking for mercy and compassion.
But to harden our hearts to the plight of the migrants from Syria and other war-torn countries in the Middle East is only playing into the hands of terrorists and the bigots on the far right.
Yes, if today we hear His voice, let us not harden our hearts!
But the actions of the murderous few must not cause us to harden our hearts to the continuous plight of the refugees.
There have been those this year who have seemed to want us to harden our hearts with their talk of benefit scroungers - ignoring the fact that very many people on benefits are in work and some foodbanks report that sometimes their busiest time of the day is when people are going home from work.
We should not harden our hearts when a little voice inside tells us to do something good.
Imposing a fine of pounds 10 on a 29-year-old waiter who admitted making a false representation in order to obtain National Insurance sickness benefit, the chairman of Birmingham magistrates said yesterday: 'There are far too many of these cases and one of these days we are going to have to harden our hearts over them.'
We harden what might be targets and, like Pharaoh, harden our hearts against what is foreign to us.
None the less, an even greater disaster might be to allow such events to harden our hearts or lessen our resolve to work for a world that more closely resembles God's Kingdom of justice and love.
We love it, but harden our hearts and tweak it out.
We have had to harden our hearts because there are many reasons why we know that a dog would be a BAD idea.