hard lines

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hard lines

A phrase used to express one's sympathy for someone else. A: "I got drenched on my walk to work because I forgot my umbrella." B: "Aw, hard lines."
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hard lines!

used to commiserate with someone on a misfortune.
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ˌhard ˈluck/ˈlines

(British English) used to tell somebody that you feel sorry for them: ‘Failed again, I’m afraid.’ ‘Oh, hard luck.’
See also: hard, line, luck
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During his time with Rite Aid Shirtliff has been director of health care, director of health care and seasonal products, and vice president of seasonal and hard lines.
Hard Lines was his first runner at Ripon and, as the gelding was retained without a bid, small wonder the winning handler was in high spirits.
We've been trying to put speciality coffee into Cardiff market for ages," said Matt Jones, who runs Hard Lines with Sophie Smith.
The learnings and new skills that will be developed in the home textiles project will then be applied in home and hard lines, "which will ultimately continue to expand our ability to lower costs, improve quality and do all of that faster than we do today," said McGraith.
Hard lines accounted for 79% of the top line, an increase of 0.
He succeeds James Alvord, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of hard lines, whose position has been eliminated.
He had served as divisional vice president of hard lines.
Covitz, senior vice president/GMM, hard lines -- from vice president/GMM, hard lines;Paul C.
Two years ago he was asked to take over the hard lines area.
As a senior vice president/general merchandise manager, Ramsdell will be responsible for the merchandising functions of the newly integrated hard lines and home divisions of the company and will guide the efforts of the company's four merchandise managers in the hard lines and home divisions.
6% in the quarter, with hard lines up 3% and soft lines showing a 1.
CHICAGO--Montgomery Ward has named Thomas Grimes, a one-time Batus retailing executive, to the new position of president for hard lines, reporting to Roger Goddu, chairman and chief executive.