hard lines

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hard lines

A phrase used to express one's sympathy for someone else. A: "I got drenched on my walk to work because I forgot my umbrella." B: "Aw, hard lines."
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hard lines!

used to commiserate with someone on a misfortune.
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ˌhard ˈluck/ˈlines

(British English) used to tell somebody that you feel sorry for them: ‘Failed again, I’m afraid.’ ‘Oh, hard luck.’
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As vice president and general manager of hard lines for Sears.com, Cebuhar played a significant role in bringing consumer electronics and major appliances online at a time when those businesses were not sold widely on the Internet, a Sears spokesman said.
Bryan Shirtliff, who was previously vice president of seasonal and hard line merchandise, has been named senior vice president of category management.
Hard Lines was his first runner at Ripon and, as the gelding was retained without a bid, small wonder the winning handler was in high spirits.
"We've been trying to put speciality coffee into Cardiff market for ages," said Matt Jones, who runs Hard Lines with Sophie Smith.
During the quarter soft lines was the strongest of the company's four core merchandise categories, followed by fresh foods, food and sundries, and hard lines, Galanti noted.
Mehretu superimposes torrents of wind, rain, and fire--peppered with explosions and plumes of smoke--over hard lines of maps, roadway schematics, architectural diagrams, and other visual intimations of infrastructure and technology.
Comparable-store revenues rose 6.1 percent, with an 8.5 percent ramp up in hard lines offset by a 1.4 percent soft-line decline.
In home and hard lines, several pilot projects are already under way.
He succeeds James Alvord, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of hard lines, whose position has been eliminated.
The carefully molded wrinkles and droopy folds of her face are echoed in the wales of her corduroy jacket and contrast with the hard lines of the wood-beamed ceiling slicing across the picture plane above her hand.
In response to one analyst's query, president Gregg Steinhafel emphasized that the 55-basis-points decline in gross margin during the quarter was due entirely to a shift in the overall sales mix toward lower-margin consumables and commodity hard lines categories, not to margin deterioration within apparel and home.
The bankrupt retailer said last week it will expand its focus on jewelry, complementary hard lines such as housewares and gifts, and beef up its Internet presence -- all at a cost of over 5,000 jobs and of exiting other categories, including indoor furniture and consumer electronics.
The ways in which he transforms his city into a realm of mystical and artificial beauty is akin to the process of remaking himself: the masculinity of the city, its hard lines, rough exteriors, and daunting size, is made smaller and less caustic.
Covitz, senior vice president/GMM, hard lines -- from vice president/GMM, hard lines;Paul C.
He had served as divisional vice president of hard lines.