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WELL, yes, I suppose it's nasty to laugh at the hard done-by, but those fans of reality star Scott Dislick (never heard of him but gather he has Karshadian connections) court leg-pulling.
The Baggies were certainly hard done-by at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea were awarded an equalising 94th-minute penalty for a tumble by Ramires (above).
"We definitely feel hard done-by," said the Crewe boss.
It might also be an idea for prison inspectors to consider victims when they make comments about prisoners being hard done-by. The lives of many innocent people are ruined by the actions of offenders, and it should be remembered that no one forced them to break the law.
I'm devastated for the lads and we feel hard done-by. We started really well but goals change games and Millwall upped theirs after they scored and took it to us.
WHAT on earth do all these poor, hard done-by soccer prima donnas think they have to strike about?
But I thought we were hard done-by and had plenty of opportunities to win."
Perhaps Bruce would like to venture an opinion as to why his so hard done-by team has such a blunt strikeforce and secured only one victory in their last 18 Premier away games.
This was not a devastating defeat, merely a setback, and Newcastle fans should not feel hard done-by. Bring on the next game.