harbor against

harbor something against someone or something

to have and retain a bad feeling of some kind toward someone or something. I harbor no ill will against you. Alice does not harbor any bad feeling against the company that let her go.
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Rule 10b-18 under the Exchange Act provides a non-exclusive safe harbor against allegations of market manipulation under Section 9(a)(2) and Rule 10b-5 for issuer repurchases of securities which are effected in accordance with the four conditions set out in the rule.
South Carolinians, who saw in Anderson's move an intention to defend the harbor against a Confederate takeover, interpreted it as a breach of what they understood to be a pledge not to change the status of the forts.
The result of the survey is an indication of the pent-up feelings that women harbor against irresponsible men," a social worker was quoted as saying on the website, reports Reuters.
Ethnic riots that erupted in the capital of China's Xinjiang region reveal the extent of resentment that the mostly Muslim Uighur people harbor against the Chinese government's policy toward them.
The Seventh Circuit thus held that determining whether cautionary statements provide an adequate safe harbor against liability is an issue of fact which ordinarily cannot be decided at the pleadings stage.
We cannot allow history to repeat itself and make the same mistakes that were made following Pearl Harbor against loyal Americans of Japanese descent.
It's very difficult under current law to find yourself a safe harbor against the enforcement of the statutes.
Information technology and security executives are motivated to adopt the cutting-edge technology as a way to proactively address increasingly stringent compliance requirements, tighten the security of enterprise systems and create a safe harbor against state data security breach notification laws and other data security legislation.