happy to

(I'd be) happy to (do something)

Glad or eager to do something. Sure, I'd be happy to help! What do you need? Always happy to help.
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(I'd be) happy to (do something).

 and Be happy to (do something).
I would do it with pleasure. (The something is often replaced with a description of an activity.) John: I tried to get the book you wanted, but they didn't have it. Shall I try another store? Mary: No, never mind. John: I'd be happy to give it a try. Alice: Would you fix this, please? John: Be happy to.
See also: happy, to
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Then he appeared suddenly who has a right to appear when and how he will and rebuked me for never having written, and when I told him that I had been literally too happy to think of writing, he seemed to take it as a reflection on himself that I could be happy alone.
She had often said she wanted to do something splendid, no matter how hard, and now she had her wish, for what could be more beautiful than to devote her life to Father and Mother, trying to make home as happy to them as they had to her?
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"Think Happy to Stay Happy" reveals just how we can: Learn to be happy; Learn about how a "gratitude adjustment" can help you stay happy; Attain a state of bliss.
We decided to call HAPPY to our system mainly due to the unhappiness feeling product of this frustration.
* Attempt to extend HAPPY to other gestural and graphic sign systems, such as PIC, PCS, Bliss, Rebus, etc.