happy medium

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happy medium

A healthy balance between two extremes. It can be difficult for working mothers to find a happy medium between maintaining their careers and caring for their families.
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happy medium

The midway point between two extremes. For example, We need to find a happy medium between overdoing the holiday season and ignoring it entirely . This expression, first recorded in 1778, was once known as the golden mean and is based on ancient mathematical principles.
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a happy medium

COMMON A happy medium is something that is successful or pleasant because it avoids being extreme. Here you have the freedom to be energetic, lazy or strike a happy medium in between. Tours like his provide a happy medium between protecting the sea-life and giving holidaymakers a unique experience.
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a/the happy ˈmedium

a sensible balance between two extremes: I like to know my colleagues well, but not too well. The sort of friendship I have with them now is a happy medium.In life generally we should try to find the happy medium. Extreme solutions to problems always lead to difficulties.
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Since then, I've spent a lot of time thinking about whether there is a "happy medium" anymore in these polarized times, one that can truly please most of the people.
Happy medium also doesn't work if you're on a tight budget.
Both sides need to have more dialogue so that a happy medium can be reached for the benefit of producers and consumers alike.
You have to find a happy medium between saving the environment and doing what is required to go through life day by day."
But now, at last, we've been able to identify a happy medium. The residential brokerage community, in association with REBNY, has contracted to develop new software that will allow for electronic (but selective) dissemination of exclusive listings and other information from member firm to member firm.
Their time for those activities will not be able to be recouped by the SNF under PPS, so a happy medium will have to be reached between the administration of the facility and the therapy providers as to where their time is best spent.
Two years later, we feel that we've hit a happy medium. The addition of two designers who are experienced with desktop, as well as the acquisition of two Macs, a PC and all the related doodads, has broadened our scope and given us options that weren't there for us before.
We have to find a happy medium so we can make a living and have some wilderness left for posterity.
And the Bairns ace reckons they might resort to backing one son each as a happy medium.
Labour needs to understand (like many of those who have left the party) that we, as working class people, alone cannot afford to fund the NHS, Benefits, Social Care and so on without income from these huge employers both from a wages and a corporation tax point of view so there has to be a happy medium to keep these companies in the UK - or we will sink.
Surely he can find a happy medium. European Tour chiefs will be hoping he's fit for Wentworth next week.
"I'd like to find a happy medium from this work with Rigs, where I am training more frequently but less intensively than when training for a half-"I'd like to find a happy medium from this work with Rigs, where I am training more frequently but less intensively than when training for a halfmarathon."
Be it the air con at work or the heating at home, there is never a happy medium and my skin feels the pinch, literally - it tightens and looks dull and creepy.
That happy medium could be hard to find, so we'll have a little on the Netherlands to be leading at halftime and full-time at 5/4, with Robben scoring first at 9/2.
Riverside will give artists another option in relation to venue size, providing a well-needed happy medium in comparison to some of Newcastle's smaller 300-capacity venues, or larger venues such as the O2 Academy.