a happy bunny

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happy bunny

Someone who is happy or content. Often used in the negative to indicate someone who is particularly unhappy, irritable, or displeased. I just got a raise, so I'm a happy bunny today. I could tell the producer was not a happy bunny after Jake used such inflammatory language on the air. She was not a happy bunny after her work permit application was denied.
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(not) a ˌhappy ˈbunny

(British English) (American English (not) a ˌhappy ˈcamper) (informal) (not) pleased about a situation: Ailsa has caught a cold and is not a happy bunny.We must make sure that our existing clients are happy campers.
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They are very friendly, calm, happy bunnies who love being stroked.
PETER Rabbit takes centre stage in a set of stamps that will make Beatrix Potter fans happy bunnies.
Rovers' head of rugby, Jamie Peacock and chairman, Neil Hudgell, are not happy bunnies.
Perhaps an abacus is a much required Christmas present for his Chancellor, especially when the Government is also willing to guarantee twice the current payment for the electricity generated at Hinkley Point - so I guess the French and Chinese are very happy bunnies at the deal - but no doubt the British taxpayer will feel they have been caught in a snare.
"And the front bench Conservative Party did not look happy bunnies today.
But the network were happy bunnies and agreed to Imam's terms as they are.
But now happy bunnies only have to endure one encounter with the needle.
Opening for business on May 1, anyone interested should call 0844 493 242 for bookings, or visit www.nts.org.uk Make the kids happy bunnies this Easter on a PGL activity break.
HAPPY BUNNIES: Courteney Upex, Eva Gee and Niamh Davies, above, and the whole group left FLOWER POWER: Bethan Fishpool, 10, and the procession led by Lily Quinn, nine, inset.
"We want bring a trophy back to Newcastle and if we do that we'll be very happy bunnies."
COMPARED to our compatriots across the water, Tranmere supporters are happy bunnies these days with little or nothing to complain about.
REAL BETIS are far from happy bunnies in front of the opponents' net and it is difficult to give them much of a sniff at the Nou Camp, writes Steve Davies.
GEORGE and Tom Burgess are already happy bunnies having helped South Sydney Rabbitohs became Australia's top club for the first time in 43 years.
HAPPY BUNNIES: The Epstein theatres first ever Easter Panto cast members, Michael Chapman, Leanne Campbell, Kurtis Stacey, Laura Gregory and Joe Cawley Picture: JASON ROBERTS