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money can't buy happiness

Wealth and material goods will not bring long-term happiness. The high rate of depression among lottery winners proves that money can't buy happiness.
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feel a glow of happiness

 and feel a glow of contentment; feel a glow of satisfaction; feel a glow of peacefulness
Fig. to have a good feeling of some kind. Anne felt a glow of happiness as she held her new baby. Sitting by the lake, the lovers felt a warm glow of contentment.
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be the ˌpicture of ˈhealth, ˈhappiness, etc.

be completely or extremely healthy, etc: She’s the picture of happiness in this photo.He’s the picture of misery, isn’t he? Look at him standing there in the rain.
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References in classic literature ?
With so much true merit and true love, and no want of fortune and friends, the happiness of the married cousins must appear as secure as earthly happiness can be.
At these words, said with tears of joy, the bride forgot her sufferings; for she had indeed suffered in presenting herself before the public to obtain a happiness her parents refused to sanction.
A sense of accomplished happiness now made the step of the young pair lighter; they saw neither heaven, nor earth, nor houses; they flew, as it were, on wings to the church.
she said, with an expression of childlike happiness.
Luigi lay for hours at the feet of his wife, admiring the color of her hair, the moulding of her forehead, the enchanting socket of her eyes, the purity and whiteness of the two arches beneath which the eyes themselves turned slowly, expressing the happiness of a satisfied love.
Sometimes, in the absence of her husband, the thought of the perfect happiness she might have had if this life of love could have been lived in the presence of her father and mother overcame the young wife; and then, as she felt the full power of remorse, she dropped into melancholy; mournful pictures passed like shadows across her imagination; she saw her old father alone, or her mother weeping in secret lest the inexorable Piombo should perceive her tears.
Aside from the resemblance, the glow of her beauty, the purity of her feelings, the happiness of love were there depicted by a sort of magic.
Of course, it is a very brilliant match, but happiness, my dear.
But one day was like another, sir; and it is only after our hears have passed through all the storms appointed for us that we know the value of a monotonous happiness, and learn that life holds nothing more sweet for us than this; a calm happiness in which the fatigue of existence is felt no longer, and the inmost thoughts of either find response in the other's soul.
My uncle will send me news of your health, and if I see but one smile on your lips when we meet, occasioned by this or any other exertion of mine, I shall need no other happiness.
Such was my sentence, and on that night would the daemon employ every art to destroy me and tear me from the glimpse of happiness which promised partly to console my sufferings.
I resolved, therefore, that if my immediate union with my cousin would conduce either to hers or my father's happiness, my adversary's designs against my life should not retard it a single hour.
I fear, my beloved girl," I said, "little happiness remains for us on earth; yet all that I may one day enjoy is centred in you.
Let the day therefore be fixed; and on it I will consecrate myself, in life or death, to the happiness of my cousin.
If your answer be what I almost dare to hope it is,' retorted Harry, 'it will shed a gleam of happiness upon my lonely way, and light the path before me.