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happily ever after

This phrase borrowed from fairy tale endings is used to suggest that everything will work out perfectly in the future. It is often used after a couple has gotten married. It was such a beautiful wedding, and I just know that Allie and Michael will live happily ever after. It's not like real people just magically live happily ever after—it takes a lot of hard work!
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live happily ever after

Cliché to live in happiness after a specific event. (A formulaic phrase at the end of fairy tales.) The prince and the princess lived happily ever after. They went away from the horrible haunted castle and lived happily ever after.
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live happily ever after

Spend the rest of one's life in happiness, as in In her romantic novels the hero and heroine end up marrying and then live happily ever after . This hyperbolic phrase ends many fairy tales. [Mid-1800s]
See also: after, ever, happily, live
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This is a quick reappearance after what appeared to be a tough enough race, but O'Brien would not be running her if he did not think she was sufficiently recovered and Happily might not need to be a full force to win anyway.
Happily got the better of Magical by a short head in the Moyglare Stakes at the Curragh in September, with September a further three and a quarter lengths back in third.
Viewers were aware that the premiere season of "Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After" would capture their rocky road towards marriage.
I also love that Mary is old enough to remember the excitement when cling-film was invented but isn't in the slightest bit grand about that, happily admitting that she hasn't made her own filo pastry since college.
After making statistical adjustments for age, sex, education, depression, tobacco use and other factors that influence survival in people with coronary artery disease, the researchers discovered that happily married women were three times more likely than unmarried women or women in unsatisfactory relationships to survive long term.
ISLAMABAD, January 27, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Secretary Information of Pakistan Muslim League (Like Minded) Kashmala Tariq Wednesday said she was happily performing the duties assigned to her by her party leadership as Secretary Information and there was no truth in false and fabricated propaganda campaign launched about her resignation.
And they lived happily ever after" it sounds familiar, doesn't it?
It didn't stop the lively bunch from challenging the dapper globetrotter to a game of football within the walls of their Warwickshire convent though and happily chatting away in front of the TV cameras.
Q I HAVE been happily married for two years but my wife has started having more contact with her ex-husband.
BALTIMORE--Women who are happily married in midlife report fewer sleep problems than unhappily married or unmarried women, based on data from nearly 3,000 women.
release of a Happily Ever After Film Partners presentation of an Office Crescendo production.
In the last issue of this newsletter, I happily reported on Ruth Finley's steady role in the fashion industry.
Wade demonstrates that on at least one issue he would happily have his sense of morality override the right to privacy, an extremely important cornerstone in the queer community's fight to gain civil rights.
Scots musician Cosmo Verrico, 55, revealed he was happily married to model Linda Clark when he first met Suzie, 43.
5 to 4 hours per week over 13 weeks will prepare them to finish happily and healthily as long as they don't try to go too fast in the race.