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Auto Express chief Steve Fowler said: "While there is some variation between things like age and region, by and large most car owners are happier than ever with their cars.
In Jones' book, "Living Happier After: 20 Women Talk About Life After Divorce" women tell how they overcame the demise of their marriage and started living happier after their divorce.
i Our company's vision is a world where people have healthier lives and happier homes and our Community program of i Healthier Kids, Happier world" is a way to give back to the children of Pakistan".
Looking over cross-country comparisons of income and happiness in 2003, the British economist Richard Layard concluded, "Above $15,000 per head, higher average income is no guarantee of greater happiness" The upshot was that fostering economic growth is futile: When everyone becomes richer, no one becomes happier.
I try not to compartmentalise things too much into years, but generally speaking, I'm happier than I've ever been in my life," thesun.
And Mexicans are somewhat happier than their GDP-per-capita numbers should indicate.
The move comes under the slogan "simpler and happier" and is intended to reflect the new company's vision of making people's lives and businesses easier and happier.
A large Gallup poll has found that people get happier as they get older.
Research indicates men get happier as they age while women grow sadder: FIND YOUR STRONGEST LIFE is designed to help women to happier lives by applying the author's decades of research at the Gallup Organization and his years of walking business executives through his 'strengths revolution' program.
Byline: Just 12% of people in Britain feel happier with their lives since the recession began, according to a new survey.
MUSCAT Eoe1/4" BellTel, Nokia distributor in Oman, has joined the BankMuscat-Omantel social initiative Eoe1/4Y[pounds sterling]Together for a Happier EidEoe1/4ao.
It could be acceptance of weakness, more maturity, or greater appreciation for life as friends and loved ones die--and happier people may live longer, affecting the data.
BRITONS searching for some "joie de vivre" should move to France to feel happier and healthier, according to a survey of expatriates published today.
Results of a global happiness survey from The Nielsen Company reveal that men are happier with money, while women are happier with friendships and relationships with their children, co-workers and bosses.
Men tend to be happier with their physical and mental health, their personal financial situation, their job and career and their relationship with their friends, as compared to women.