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What's happening?

 and What's happ?
Sl. Hello, what's new? Hey, dude! What's happening? What's happ? How's it goin'?


1. mod. fashionable; trendy; positive. (Collegiate.) Wow, that’s happening!
2. n. an event. The concert was a real happening.

What’s happ(ening)?

interrog. Hello, what’s new? Hey, dude! What’s happening?
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While watching TV, listening Radio and reading a newspaper we feel as present there where from media shows and tells what is happening to us.
Twitter's Happening Now, on the other hand, is a dedicated timeline or feed showing a list of tweets that are talking about a specific topic.
The council pledge to ensure vulnerable children have someone who will listen to them and take them seriously - something which did not happen in Rotherham; that the mechanism is in place to prevent such a scandal happening here.
Indeed, if we look at the total number of deplorable happenings, including both those that have been allowed to happen and those that have just happened, you will see that it is down 10pc, which reflects very well on the preventative work of my colleagues at DoSH.
In the TDK's winter 1965 special issue, the urge to define and theorize the Happening seems largely a response to the fear of co-optation or expropriation: a fate linked, in the words of Ken Dewey--himself a "happener," in early-'60s New York underground lingo--to the "shallow response" of the mass media.
She tries to stop them from happening and feels incredible guilt when she has no power to change the future.
I think that what is happening now in Bolivia, what happened in Ecuador, are symptomatic of this.
Before you realize what's happening, an entire slab (thick top layer of snow separates from the ground and slides downhill.
I suggested that even though everything has a basis in reality it was possible not to dwell on things that hadn't yet happened, that thoughts themselves were a form of reality, that thought-forms loomed like shadows in the distant past & distorted our way of thinking in the present, that the way we thought about things in the present had no connection with what was actually happening.
Just one man spoke up--he asked that we tell the world what was happening in their country.
What we thought was going to happen in the world is happening now.
We have to focus on what is happening beneath the streets, with the subways, commuter rail, and intermodal transportation.
Three others observed things happening in ways that did not actually occur.
I think they were being way too overprotective, because it actually did more damage in the long run to not have any idea what was happening.