happen (up)on (someone or something)

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happen (up)on (someone or something)

To find or encounter someone or something randomly or without planning or intent. I happened on a quaint new craft store the other day. I happened upon your brother yesterday in the grocery store.
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happen (up)on someone or something

to come upon someone or something, as if by accident. (See also come (up)on someone or something.) I just happened upon a strange little man in the street who offered to sell me a watch. Andrew happened on a book that interested him, so he bought it.
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happen on

or happen upon
To find or meet someone or something accidentally: She happened on a $10 bill that lay on the sidewalk. The detective happened upon a clue while searching the cabin.
See also: happen, on
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Years ago, while shopping at Target, I happened upon something amazing: a holiday pack of Thanksgiving-themed sodas from Jones Soda Co.
Fortunately, I haven't taken the wrong turn down a dark alley and happened upon something seedy.
After dusting the earth from the face of the coin the lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, knew that she had happened upon something very unusual.
King knew she had happened upon something useful, a grass court tournament two weeks before Wimbledon began and so in 1983 she was back to defend her title.
After trying numerous roles, once he happened upon something he truly wanted to do, he worked extremely hard and was rewarded with the satisfaction of achieving his goal That he was able to repeat it 18 years later is testimony to his drive and ambition.