happen (up)on (someone or something)

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happen (up)on (someone or something)

To find or encounter someone or something randomly or without planning or intent. I happened on a quaint new craft store the other day. I happened upon your brother yesterday in the grocery store.
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happen (up)on someone or something

to come upon someone or something, as if by accident. (See also come (up)on someone or something.) I just happened upon a strange little man in the street who offered to sell me a watch. Andrew happened on a book that interested him, so he bought it.
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happen on

or happen upon
To find or meet someone or something accidentally: She happened on a $10 bill that lay on the sidewalk. The detective happened upon a clue while searching the cabin.
See also: happen, on
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References in classic literature ?
He had happened upon one of those delightful friendships without any suspicion of sex in them of which the American girl had the monopoly.
I happened upon one of my nephews, Fernan Guerrero, at the Manila Polo Club last Sunday.
Let's begin by clarifying that he's not lamenting a stupid regulation against rare guns, but rather declaring that, while he rarely comes across a gun regulation that he disagrees with, he recently happened upon one that he thought was actually stupid.
"They happened upon one another in the Thistle Shopping Centre.
Various legends have proliferated in that gap, but it was while exploring the idea that early Christianity is inflected with Buddhism that Theroux happened upon one of history's fascinating obscurities: the Russian journalist and spy Nicolas Notovitch, who claimed to have discovered the answer.
After reading through a half-dozen issues of publications in the field, I happened upon one page that contained a list of new products alongside a column evaluating a worthy website.
If the strumming is impeccable and the vocals second-to-none, you've likely happened upon one of Mississippi's finest bands, The Vernon Brothers.
The Kennys and the mule, an animal that can live to about 40 or 50 years old, were just, in Bud's words, walking down the road when they happened upon one of Webster's main claims to fame.
It was at this point that a beer-loving visiting supporter, who had forsaken an impromptu trip with his wife to the nearby Eden Project (having gratefully been allowed by his missus to stay and sample the local brew instead), happened upon one of the Worcestershire players strolling contentedly along in the sunshine in his leisure gear looking happy with life.