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On the other hand, a large increase in the number that must never be allowed to happen again surely implies that such events, when they happened this time, were allowed by your department and ought not to have been.
This is easy - you need to tell her in no uncertain terms that what happened was a drunken moment of madness and that nothing will ever happen between the two of you again.
Primetime dramas tended to tell a new and different story each week, letting viewers catch an episode of their favorite cop or doc show without needing to know what had happened the week before.
By the time John writes it all down, it has already happened, and these are exactly the questions with which John must grapple.
Whatever happened to mums at the doors shouting the kids in for their tea; mums playing rounders and other games in the street with the kids; mums arguing with a neighbour five doors away but never leaving her own doorstep?
noted the circular logic of the dutifully reported flash mobs, events that seemed to receive attention merely because they happened and which happened merely to draw attention (there were no private flash mobs).
Whatever you do this summer, please don't watch or wonder what happened.
Over the ensuing 10 years, I have wanted to hear his take on what happened in Rwanda since that sun-drenched afternoon in Kigali.
THREE YEARS AGO, IF MY SON HAD TO FILL OUT ALL OF THE financial forms needed for financial aid consideration, that aid simply would not have happened.
What may happen and therefore may be the case is an accident that has not yet happened and is not and may never be the case and is therefore a difficulty no one can do away with.
We want to show people what really happened, take them to historic sites, and enable them to meet people who were part of the movement at that time and who are very eager to tell their stories.
There are certain areas of Manhattan that are rock solid--you would never know that anything happened Downtown.
He found that 56 percent of the officers saw the incident in slow motion, while 23 percent thought that it happened quicker than normal.
The arising of this "self" and the identification with it happened almost simultaneously--that's the conditioning.
It just happened that way and there is not any way to arrange it to happen in this way.